1994 - Around South-Britain


On monday 11 July 1994 we left our homes in Oegstgeest for a trip trough the country of the southern part of Great Britain. First we cycled (63.89 km.) south to Europoort where we took the ferry to Hull. Our trip continues as follows:

Route map

1994 cycling route map

Hull - Balk (just before Bagby): 110.49 km.

It's very hot weather. Therefor we're using a lot of drinking water.

Country view

Balk - Barden (at Appletreewick): 66.38 km.

A long climb at Greenhow Hill (±20%).

Greenhow Hill

Barden - Clitheroe: 50.54 km.

We started with a big hill (1171) and followed after that a roman road which went along the top of "Pendle Hill" (1827).

Big hill

Clitheroe - Littleton: 112.84 km.

Through heavy populated area, we had to cycle on a lot of A-roads (with much traffic).

Train crossing

Littleton - Ffridd Fawr (Denbigh): 59.68 km.

Some nice steep climbs.

Rest after steep climb

Ffridd Fawr - Brynrefail: 76.64 km.

Most beautiful route till now, with some high peaks (±400 m.).

Beautiful view

Brynrefail - TrawsFynydd: ±50.00 km.

We climbed Snowdon with our bikes. At night we camp at a farm between the sheeps.

Ascent Snowdon
Descent Snowdon

TrawsFynydd - Rhayader: 116.60 km.

In the moring we receive a "English breakfast" at the farm. After this we cycle the whole day on the A470.

Farm entry

Rhayader - Crosmont: 93.05 km.

Through Builth Wells where there was a big agriculture show. because of this we cycled past 10 miles of traffic jam.


Crosmont - Calne: 135.07 km.

Because there's no other way to cross the river Servern, we had to cycle through Gloucester. After Stroud the roads are more flat.

Strange hill

Calne - Stockbridge: 81.51 km.

We saw a (drawn) White Horse on an hill (2 times), the Avebury Circle and Stonehenge. We made a little detour around a danger-area (They were doing military exercises there. Red flag was shown).


Stockbridge - Churt: 77.82 km.

Some hills are still steep here.

On our way

Churt - Heathfield: 105.85 km.

At night we pitch our tent between the cows.

Fred's flat tire

Heathfield - Martin Mill: 124.66 km.

At night we stay at a camping which is located next to a railway which is still often (loudly) used.

Martin Mill - Lombardsijde-Middelkerke: 103.79 km.

We take the ferry (at 8.45 hour) back to the Europe mainland.


Lombardsijde-Middelkerke - Oegstgeest: 232.00 km.

Long trip back to home. We ride this long distance in one day.


In total we cycled 1657.4 km in 17 vacation days. It was a very nice and enjoyable trip whereby we've met many nice English people.

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