1998 - From Oegstgeest to Monaco and Grenoble


This year we've decide to cycle all the way to southern France; to Monaco. We leave home (Oegstgeest) on saturday 4 July 1998

Route map

1998 cycling route map

Oegstgeest - Vrouwenpolder: 125.8 km.

A good first day of cycling. We saw a lot of rabbits on the way.

Vrouwenpolder - Tournai: 129.9 km.

At 13.00 hour we take the ferry to Breskens. At night we camp on the land of a farmer.

Tournai - Pèronne: 114.3 km.

We've now entered France. At about 11.30 hour we crossed the border between Belgium and France, though we didn't see any border indication. Some low hills.

Pèronne - Baillet-en-France: 131.0 km.

Camping wild in a beautiful forest.

Baillet-en-France - Samoreau: 120.1 km.

Through Paris!! Along the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffeltower.

Samoreau - Champignelles: 107.2 km.

Through an hilly area. These hill were mostly completely covered with corn; a very peculiar sight.

Champignelles - Corbigny: 112.3 km.

The whole day we cycled the "rabbit route", but we didn't see any rabbit. Hills slowly become mountains.

Corbigny - Gueugnon: 111.6 km.

Accross mountains/hills with beautiful views.

Gueugnon - Les Echarmeaux: 75.2 km.

Mountain climbs at Mt. St. Rigaud (1012 m.). Beautiful surroundings.

Les Echarmeaux - St Pierre de Boeuf: 129.5 km.

Accross the Col at Les Echarmeaux (720 m.). After this a long nice descent to Lyon. Now we only have to follow the river Rhó­£ to the south.

St Pierre de Boeuf - Bourg-St Andreol: 138.7 km.

We cycle on the N86 along the Rhône. We make good time. Beautiful surroundings (mountain views).

Bourg-St Andreol - Mallemort: 114.7 km.

From senas we go towards Aix-en-Provence.

Mallemort - Vidauban: 136.2 km.

Beautiful surroundings.

Vidauban - Eze: 148.5 km.

We've reached the Mediterranean Sea. We reach Monaco after 1695 km. of cycling! We find a camping 500 m. above Monaco.

Eze - Isola: 92.2 km.

We started with a 10 km descent to Nice. After Nice we cycle through the France Alps, on a continuesly climbing road, to the camping (at 860 m.). It's a very beautiful road (D2205).

Isola - Jausiers: 64.8 km.

On the highest route of Europe (2807 m.), Col de La Bonette). Beautiful but heavy trip (we needed almost the whole day to reach the top).

Jausiers - Gap: 83.8 km.

Beautiful mountain area (Hautes-Alpes). We cycled the first 2 km. of the Col Bayard on the Route Napoléon.

Gap - Vizille: 88.3 km.

Accross the Col Bayard. Descending "Descent de Laffrey" of 12% for 6 km. long just before Vizille. On the Route Napoléon (with a statue of Napoléon along the road).


From Vizille we cycle to Grenoble, where we take the train to Paris and back home. We need to wait for the right train which will allow us to take us and our bikes (this train only rides at night). It has been a very nice and sunny cycling holiday.

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