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My friend and I made a cycling trip from Edmonton to Yellowknife in Canada. On 5 June 2003 we left Amsterdam (Netherlands) by plane. After a stop in Calgary (Canada), we landed at Edmonton Airport. Here we cycled (24.8 km) from the airport to Klondike Valley Camping in Edmonton. From here we started the trip through Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Route map

2003 cycling route map

Edmonton - Westlock: 116.59 km.

After some shopping in Edmonton (to find gas for our gas stove) a nice first day of cycling.

Bike parking

Westlock - Freeman River: 86.86 km.

Cycling across some nice rolling hills. How further we cycle, how better the surrounding and quieter the traffic on the road. Along the road we see a moose within a small river.

Freeman River campsite

Freeman River - Island Creek (route 33): 116.58 km.

Started the day with a (60 km. long) climb to the top of Swans Hills. After this a nice decent in the direction of Slave Lake.

Swan Hill

Island Creek - Marten Beach: 104.77 km.

Across highway 2 towards Slave Lake. From Slave Lake we follow the Bicentennial Highway (Hw. 88).

Small break

Marten Beach - Artissin (junction of Hw. 750 & Hw. 88): 91.30 km.

Very nice and quiet road where we could do some good cycling.

Grizzly Trail

Artissin - 63 km. N. of Red Earth Creek: 117.30 km.

Before we leave from the camping, we receive some cookies and tea from the camping hostess. Very nice! After Red Earth Creek the hard road ends and the gravel road starts. Passing trucks make some spectacular dust clouds. After 63 km. on the gravel road we pitch our camp on the side of the road.

Grizzly Trail

190 km. S. - 85 km. S of Fort Vermilion: 104.47 km.

Some snow and hail on the way (pretty cold). Almost no traffic on the road.

11 km. S Wabasca River Crossing - Fort Vermilion: 92.84 km.

Across a bad gravel road (also because it has rained, the mud sticks to the tires). Some more traffic on road than yesterday because of "pow wow" in "Tall Cree". Many nice conversations with locals. At Fort Vermilion the hard road starts again.

Mud road

Fort Vermilion - High Level: 93.64 km.

On Hw. 58 we cycled towards High level. On the golf course at High Level we pitched our tent.


High Level - Steen River: 156.70 km.

Some big thunderstorms today (a bit dangerous). The wind blows us with high speed towards Steen River. We camp near the "Fire Training Camp" in Steen River.

Thunder ahead

Steen River - Louise Falls: 127.23 km.

Today across the 60 degrees N parallel (from Alberta into Northwest Territories). Visit two very nice waterfalls (Alexandra Falls and Louise Falls). We camp near Louise Falls.

Northwest Territories
Alexandra Falls
Alexandra Falls

Louise Falls - Lady Evelyn Falls: 108.28 km.

Very warm day cycling. Many nice hill climbs with views across the Boreal Forests.

Louise Falls
Lady Evelyn Falls

Lady Evelyn Falls - Fort Providence: 71.13 km.

After 30 km. we reach the Yellowknife Highway (Hw. 3). With the free ferry we cross the Mackenzie River.

House transport

Fort Providence - Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary: 124.08 km.

We meet many bisons on the road. Find a very nice place to camp at a small lake.

Bison alert

Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary - 90 km. before Yellowknife: 117.87 km.

Again we meet many bisons on the road. Road is not too busy. Just after we pas the junction towards Rae we pitch our tent.

Wood bisons

90 km. before Yellowknife - Yellowknife: 95.89 km.

The last 51 km. we cycle on a gravel road again (though they are preparing a new hard road towards Yellowknife). We camp at Fred Henne Territorial Park Campground.



In Yellowknife we visit "Frame Lake Park". Also we visit the "Old Town", where the "Bush Pilots Monument" stands. We make a nice flight with a floatplane. We also drive with a 4x4 on the Ingraham Trail, where we visit Cameron Falls.

On 26 June 2003 we flew back home from the Yellowknife Airport. We had a great time in Canada. We saw some beautiful nature and a lot of wildlife (be careful with the bears). We met many friendly Canadians. The Bicentennial Highway (Hw. 88) has not much traffic, so to cycle this route is very good. But after we had left the surroundings of Edmonton we never met too much traffic on the road. So concluding; we had a super cycling time!

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